Shoot Run is a paintball game.
Focused on skilling, it’s just you and your weapon.
Only dexterity worth !

Key features

  • Splitscreen to 4 players
  • Playable Offline, Online and LAN
  • 2 Games mode : FFA (Free For All) and TDM (Team Death Match)
  • 6 Environments (Street zone, Construction site, Green wood, Paintball field, Ruin and Forest)


“One shot” gameplay : no lifebar, one shot and you’re out

On offline mode, gameplay mod are available :

  • Unlimited ammo
  • Fast speed
  • Low gravity
  • Big Head
Splitscreen 2 players
Splitscreen 4 players

Launch trailer


Street zone (only available on FFA mode)

Construction site

Green wood

Paintball field